Federal parity will never happen, according to a quarter of Canadians

A quarter of Canadians believe that gender balance will never be achieved in the House of Commons, according to a survey released on International Women’s Day.

Just over 20% of respondents are more optimistic and believe that there will be as many women as men in the benches within 10 years, in 2027.

The organization that commissioned the opinion poll conducted by Abacus Data, Equal Voice, estimates that if the trend continues, it will take 91 years before reaching parity in the House.

At present, only 26% of the seats are filled by women in Ottawa.

According to the results of the survey, 54% of respondents believe that they are 31%, but still consider this to be the “good number”.

A spokesperson for Equal Voice, Catherine Fortin LeFaivre, told a press conference in Ottawa on Monday that the “most troubling” conclusion of the survey was that 40% of respondents would recommend that a woman In politics.

The non-probabilistic Abacus Data survey was conducted online among 2125 Canadians aged 18 and over on February 10-16, 2017.


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