Erik Guay, first Canadian super-G world champion

With Erik Guay crowning super-G world champion and Manuel Osborne-Paradis in third place, the Canadians poled their way to the Norwegian favorites, with Kjetil Jansrud placing second on the podium on Wednesday at the World Alpine Skiing World Championships. St. Moritz.

At the age of 35, Guay, who became the first Canadian super-G world champion, spoke all his experience to defeat the prognosis and win his second world title after the one gleaned downhill in 2011 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany).

Under an overcast sky, the Quebecker completed the race in 1: 25 sec 38 / 100th, with a 45 / 100th advance over Jansrud and 51 / 100th over “Manny” Osborne-Paradis, who was celebrating his 33th birthday.

“It’s amazing to be on the podium with Jansrud and Manny, two close friends,” said Guay, whose last victory on the World Cup circuit was in 2014 with a downhill success in Kvitfjell, Norway.

“What is amazing is the whole story, to come back from injury … To come back here and forget everything that happened before and enjoy,” added the Canadian .

“I’m still going to win the gold but Erik showed us how to do it,” Jansrud said. This was really impressing. I do not feel disappointed, this silver medal makes me very happy. Now I look forward to the descent. ”


True to the reputation of their predecessors, the Crazy Canucks, often present on D-Day, the Canadians ejected the other Norwegian Alexander Aaamodt Kilde, long 3rd, before the passage of Osborne-Paradis, left with the bib 26.

Jansrud is still patient

For his 33rd birthday, Osborne-Paradis offered himself “the most beautiful gift”, his first charm on a great championship, dislodging Kilde by 3 small hundredths.

“I made a big mistake in the middle of the race and I knew that if I did not give everything on the rest, it was over. It’s the beauty of the race, “said the Canadian.

Jansrud, dominating the speed events in recent seasons and winner of three of the four super-Gs this winter, will still have to wait a little for a first world title.

Guay, a native of Mont-Tremablant, Que., Won the Super-G World Cup in … 2010 and has 5 World Cup victories, including two super-Gs in 2010.

Often injured and suffering from severe back pain for many years, the Quebecker almost stopped his career two and a half years ago when he was operated on the left knee in June 2014. Since this operation, He was only two times on the podium of a World Cup: in Val Gardena in super-G two months ago (3rd) and … in St. Moritz during the descent of the finals in March 2016 (3rd).

Saturday, during the descent race, he will compete for the double, and will face Norwegians revanchards and Swiss locals Beat Feuz and Carlo Janka, presented as contenders to the “box” and passed a little next to Their race Wednesday (Janka 8th, and Feuz 12th).


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