Enter we are open : the son touch

The company may seem a bit crazy. And it unfolds in a joyful capharnaum and a string of electric wires. Opening the Multi Month, the Office of the APA tinker a machine with its new creation, Enter we are open . An ingenious machine, but sometimes cacophonic, which will probably roll better when run-in.

From the outset, Simon Drouin warned the public of the first, Thursday, that his accomplices and he went, accumulating the connections, creating a system that had 40% chance of planting. “We were not able to finish the general,” he said. Stage or real warning? History does not really say it. Because here, everything keeps a rough side. And that with the number of inventions, hookups and tinkles put forward here, the chances of a glitch occurring are multiplied tenfold, especially since the show is brand new and it will undoubtedly still be called upon to evolve .

With this new production, the APA Office therefore wanted to explore the concept of connections: physical, electrical or ideas. Midway between theater and performance art, the six performers activate devices that simultaneously create a sound and a projected image on a giant screen … And that are called to overlap. The performers press on buttons of all kinds, connect wires and serve themselves as conductors by their movements, their interactions, and even their body fluids.

In this respect, one of the interpreters, Ludovic Fouquet, gives more than the others. His only role here is to sweat. Literally. Throughout the show, while his colleagues are busy, he is left behind by multiplying the strategies to perspire: he performs exercises, wigs or fur coats, heats himself in the spotlight, or wraps himself with plastic wrap Or bubble wrap for the purpose of collecting its perspiration in a bottle (hosted Thursday by some exclamations of disgust in the room) that will serve to create the ultimate connection. It took place in a rather laborious way at the premiere on Thursday. They will have in the end been more than one to sweat to overcome the representation!

The “system” of Enter we are open is created before our eyes, in an accumulation of gadgets technically complex but appear to have been tampered with to nothing. At the heart of this machine, the human serves as an indispensable engine. But it is almost forgotten, sometimes, as mechanics takes up space. One tries to have eyes everywhere to dissect its codes, curiosity is piqued, one smiles often … But one is not necessarily touched by the proposition, which speaks more to the head than to the emotions.

Enter we are open is resubmitted Friday (the performance will be followed by an exchange between artists of the APA Board and the public) and Saturday at the Multi hall of Medusa. A multidisciplinary arts festival, Multi Month has taken off on Thursday and will run until February 26th.


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