Difficult for motorists, the festival for school children

Slippery roads complicate the lives of motorists on Wednesday in Quebec City. The Quebec Police reported 18 minor accidents between 5:30 and 11 am. The Quebec City region should, however, avoid the major ice storm first feared by Environment Canada.

While school boards across the greater Quebec City area have closed their doors on Wednesday, slippery roads create headaches for those who need to move. Ten centimeters of snow fell during the night, in the Capitale-Nationale, before the rainfall changed into sleet.

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) 18 minor accidents, without injuries, between 5:30 am and 11 am. “We remind motorists to adapt their behavior to climatic conditions and to be cautious,” SPVQ spokesman Etienne Doyon said at the end of the morning.

The police of Levis reported for its part a clashes with minor wounds for the morning of Wednesday.

As for highways, the Surete du Quebec counted several exits, but no major accidents.

Schools closed

The school boards of the Capitale, the Discoverers, the First Seigneurs and the Navigators, Portneuf, Beauce-Etchemins, the Côte-du-Sud and the Appalachians all suspended their activities for the day because of the storm During the night.

The courses are also suspended at the school board of Monts-et-Marées, in Matanie and Matapedia, and at the school board of Fer, in the schools of Sept-Iles and Port-Cartier, on the North Shore. Child care remains open in both schools.

The secondary schools of Saint-François, Mont-Saint-Sacrement, Saint-Jean-Eudes, Jesus-Marie, Francois-de-Laval, Saint-Charles-Garnier and the college of Levis are also closed.

However, the courses are held at the Sainte-Foy and Garneau Cegeps in Quebec City and Universite Laval.

Less freezing rain than expected

Environment Canada initially forecast 5 mm of rain in Quebec City on Wednesday morning. However, the temperature has remained quite low, despite a current of warm air coming from the northeast, so much so that the Capitale-Nationale should avoid the major dreaded ice, explains the Environment Canada meteorologist Simon Legault. After a hint of heat on Wednesday afternoon, a cold southwesterly wind will bring mercury back to near -20 ° C during the evening and night from Wednesday to Thursday.


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