Demand for Uber in “strong increase” in Quebec City

Quebec Over the past three months, approximately 500 Uber drivers have made more than one race in the Quebec City region and 16,000 people have used the system through the mobile application.

At a press conference to mark the opening of a permanent office in Quebec City and the “second anniversary” of the company’s arrival in the capital, Uber Quebec’s CEO Jean -Nicolas Guillemette, unveiled for the first time statistics on the “strong increase in demand” for the local services of his firm.

For the multinational controversial, it was also an opportunity to demonstrate its willingness to offer a “good corporate citizen” image, while a pilot project has been underway since September to GST and QST on each race by Uber’s “partner drivers”.

“We are in Quebec to stay and get involved,” said the leader, who wants to partner with local businesses and organizations.

Alternative to solo auto

For Mr. Guillemette, Uber’s services fit perfectly with the “future of urban mobility” and “the transport cocktail” of the capital in order to offer “a strong alternative to the solo auto”, as the Do the buses of the RTC, the traditional taxis and Communauto.

The use of Uber, argues the CEO, also makes it possible to relieve congestion – a 22% increase in the number of cars in Quebec over the last decade – and the growing budget that citizens spend on transportation .

“For the last two years, the item of expenditure to move has taken second place [in the personal budget]. We now pay more for transportation than for food. It’s an aberration. ”

In addition to “optimizing the car fleet” by using their own vehicle, Uber’s “partner drivers” offer a diligent service to their customers, says Guillemette, with an average waiting time of seven minutes .

For his meeting with the media, in his new premises, opened since this summer on St. Joseph Street, the leader had invited two of them, Maxime Gagnon and Valerio Visentin, posted for two years, to come Briefly about their experience.

“For now, it’s great, I like it very much,” said Mr. Visentin to the Sun. I love contact with people and tourists because I speak several languages. ”

Supreme Court

Mr. Guillemette said he wanted to “continue the relationship of trust” with Revenu Quebec, following the refusal of the decision of the Supreme Court on Thursday to hear Uber’s appeal. The carpool disputed the legitimacy of the searches carried out by the government agency in its offices in May 2015.

“We recognize the decision of the court and we will continue our collaboration with Revenu Quebec,” said Mr. Guillemette, stressing the importance of the “relationship of trust” developed with the agency.

Since the introduction of the pilot project, Roadside Control Quebec has stopped the seizure of Uber drivers’ vehicles, he confirmed.

In a statement, the spokesperson of the Regroupement des intermediaries de taxi de Québec (RITQ) said that “it is time for Uber to stop stretching the procedures”. According to Abdallah Homsy, “it was obvious” that the firm was “going to lose” in the highest court in Canada.

“But as usual, they preferred to abuse their billions of dollars and ask the lawyers to take all possible means and imaginable to drag things out, as long as the multinational is making as much money as possible.

“Frankly, this kind of strategy represents the wild capitalism that Uber and his Quebec representatives are the standard bearer,” Homsy added. In good faith, they simply do not know what it is. “


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