Deficit of $ 57,000 at the Rock Forest Recreation Center

The City of Sherbrooke is spending the $ 57,000 deficit in the 2017 Rock Forest Recreation Center budget. The elected officials approved this adjustment to the operating budget Monday to the municipal council.

“We completed the first year of the new management model. We remember that we acquired the center last year, “says Councilor Vincent Boutin, chair of the sport and outdoor committee.

“When the consolidation in place made the 2017 budget, there were unforeseen events that we had not seen coming and things that moved less quickly than expected. We had a deficit, so they came to see us so we could give them a financial hand. ”

Vincent Boutin mentioned that this infrastructure is very important for the west of the city. An amount of $ 25,700 is required for maintenance and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. The cost of renting the zamboni is $ 32,000. “There are no new expenses attached to this, it is within the budgets for 2017,” says Vincent Boutin. The financial statements for 2016 have a deficit of $ 10,000.

“We remain competitive when we look at other arenas in the city. “These new expenses are driving the City’s operating costs up to about $ 385,000 if the 2016 operating costs are taken as a benchmark. Only the Ivan-Dugré arena costs less, at $ 358,000.

The management of the Rock Forest Recreation Center was entrusted to the Corporation of Economic Development, Social and Community of Rock Forest (CDESC), a corporation made up of volunteers.

Several factors explain the deficits incurred, including poor maintenance over the years. “Since its construction in 1972, the building has not been adequately maintained. Its general state demonstrates this, “reads the city’s decision-making summary. “Over the years, the CDESC has signed contracts with private companies that are advantageous for these companies, but not for the CDESC. ”

It also indicates that the human resources budget is an ideal situation, with no staff turnover, no training or supervision time, which is not the case. “A reorganization of work according to the needs of the company is under way, which sometimes leads to turnover or additional management to anchor new working methods. “


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