Credit Card Fees: Blaney Supports Convenience Stores

Member of Parliament for Bellechasse-Les Etchemins-Levis and candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Steven Blaney asks the Trudeau government to regulate the use of Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

According to him, the current rates stifle the small traders and slow them down in their development. “Money lost now could be reinvested in customer service, adding new products and hiring new employees.”

Mr Blaney adds that SMEs, grocery stores and other businesses are confronted with this situation. He wants to continue in the direction of his party in the past. “In the budget of 2014, we took the first steps to regulate this and it was on a voluntary basis. We wanted to see how the market would behave and obviously there are still corrections to be made. ”

The Association des depanneurs des depanneurs et epiciers du Quebec (AMDEQ) has been working on this issue for a number of years. Its general manager, Yves Servais, hopes that the exit of Mr. Blaney will have a positive effect and will allow other MPs to support the approach. “Countries like Australia and England have lowered their rates to levels ranging from 0.3 to 0.5 percent. The federal Liberals had argued for a reduction in rates when they were in opposition. A private member’s bill was introduced by a Liberal MP and we do not understand why it’s that long. ”

A heavyweight for retailers

The owner of the Saint-Henri Petro-Canada Convenience Store, Serge Leveille, says it must assume an average rate of 2.10% currently. “Last year I had to pay $ 140,000 for credit card fees only. This year, we are heading for $ 160,000. If the rate were around one percent (1%), I could certainly do more elsewhere, especially for my employees. It’s the bosses who work from morning to night in many cases to ensure profitability. ”

Mr. Leveille indicated that the Societe des Alcools du Quebec (SAQ) had also undertaken this shift. “We are being asked not to pay by credit cards as of January 9, because they too want a better profitability. It does not suit us, far from it, but it’s also a bit related to our message. Wal-Mart boycotted a company to argue its point of view and their rate is not up to small businesses. “

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