CHUS: “I was thrown out”

Past and practically unable to walk, a 78-year-old Sherbrooke suffering from osteoarthritis was evicted from CHUS-Hotel-Dieu in the early morning Saturday “for preventive measures” and under the pretext of “freeing a bed”.

“I was told that I had to go home, that they did not want me to pick myself up with a flu or another baby and that we had to manage the beds. We wanted to call me a taxi. Let’s see! I could not even walk and there were several free beds! Exclaimed Roger Rheaume, who was still unable to stand more than a few minutes on Sunday.

The septuagenarian still struggled to contain his tears when he tried to diminish his pain by changing his position on his bed.

“It’s an inflammation of the leg down my back. It burns enough, it’s like fire. It hurts so much. It blocks the bottom of my body. ”

Roger Rheaume was given an ambulance around 8 pm on Friday after staying in bed for three days without being able to sleep, while waiting for the problem to resolve itself. Roger Rheaume was given a cortisone injection before an X-ray. A few hours later, after receiving a “pill to sleep” and being placed in a bed with a warm blanket, he was far from suspecting the fate that was reserved for him when the doctor opened the light at 1 am Saturday .

“I was surprised and discouraged. I was canting, I felt good with the warmth of the covered. I was finally able to sleep and surely get better in a few hours. I needed help quite simply, to be treated to help me get out of the crisis. I could have been given the night to allow me to recover, but instead got rid of me. I was thrown out without compassion, with total coldness. There, I understood how many elderly people can feel when they arrive at the emergency room, who are suffering and are afraid, “adds Rheaume.

The bureaucratic coldness displayed by the doctors raised the ire of Pascal Cyr, which intends to file a complaint with the Ombudsman and the Ordre des medecins during the week.

“We could not get over it when Roger called us to pick him up at 1 am. We are talking about a 78 years old man, diabetic, corpulent, who will go back on hemodialysis soon because only 25 percent of his kidneys work and can not walk. We brought him home, he was writhing in pain in the wheelchair, it was appalling. If it had been the father of one of the administrators of this hospital or the father of Gaetan Barette, do you think he would have been discharged at 1 am? “Wonders who admits that he still has trouble decolouring.

On Friday, 75 overflow beds had been opened and divided into 12 CHSLDs and two non-institutional resources in the CIUSSS territory of the Estrie-CHUS.

Beds were added to 63 short-term overflow beds previously opened in the hospitals of the territory in order to allow urgent hospitalizations at Hospital Fleurimont and Hotel-Dieu. Pascal Cyr ensures that several places are available to accommodate potential patients.

“There were three people in the emergency room and several unoccupied beds around us,” he says. There are many elderly people who are alone, who do not have the means to defend themselves, and therefore I am forced to think that sometimes the officials of the institutions take advantage of them to Their management objectives. When bureaucracy replaces humanity and compassion, it is a problem. “


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