Brigitte Boutin exhibits at the Maison de la Culture

Visual artist Brigitte Boutin of Saint-Damien offers the public a new exhibition entitled “Amalgames”, presented in the new permanent exhibition windows at the Maison de la culture in Bellechasse.

About 20 friends and acquaintances of the artist were present at the opening of the exhibition on Saturday afternoon, which consisted of 21 works made from recycled materials supplied by four companies in the region.

After winning the public’s favorite prize for the MRC de Bellechasse in 2010, in a contest organized by the Musee Marius-Barbeau in Saint-Joseph, Brigitte Boutin dreamed of launching a two-dimensional creation project, such as this one.

To carry out her project, she collected plastic beads from Plastiques Moore de Saint-Damien, Aluminum and stainless steel parts from the Cote Inox Group in Saint-Lazare, Wood from Cabinetmaking Fusion of Saint-Damien, as well as colored granules from Recyc RPM, a company that no longer exists, however.

“I really like working with different subjects that I can integrate into my paintings. This is 2D, but I would like to turn to sculpture and 3D, “said Ms. Boutin, whose works will be on display by February 17th.


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