Bes music closes its doors

After more than five years on rue King Ouest in Sherbrooke, Bes Musique closed its doors on Friday.

In a Facebook publication released on Friday, the co-owner of the business said that he was forced to declare bankruptcy.

“We gave everything for Bes musique, we did everything for Bes music, but the market decided otherwise and today, on February 3, 2017, I announce that Bes musique is obliged to declare bankruptcy,” says Alexandre Bouchard , Who founded the company with his father Marc-Andre and his brother Vincent.

In addition to selling musical instruments and accessories, repairing them and renting instruments and sound and lighting products, Bes music counted more than twenty Professors who offered private courses and taught in different schools in the region.

“I apologize to everyone who could be harmed, I thank all those who have encouraged us and I say good luck, keep making music, keep practicing, then rock on . Life goes on; We will see ourselves in another context, “added Alexandre Bouchard in the video.


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