Arrival of Trump: Arcade Fire wanted to put his grain of salt

This is not a coincidence that Arcade Fire has released the single I Give You Power on the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump. The Canadian group, which is due to release a new album this year, felt that it must put its grain of salt before the political turbulence that shook the United States.

“This song is the energy that we want to express our position facing the situation in which America is located at the moment,” said drummer Jeremy Gara at Soleil . “The timing was perfect and we felt we had to do something.”

Launched on January 19, the song involves American singer Mavis Staples, echoing Win Butler in her soulful voice. Besides the line ” I give you power ” which is the title of the piece, you can hear a warning for the president: ” I can take it all away – watch me! ”

“We just needed to make a statement , and that song worked perfectly, says Gara. And Mavis Staples, who’s been a friend of the band for a long time, was ready to do that too, so everything was perfectly aligned. ”

Arcade Fire is finalizing its fifth studio album. Is the political climate prevailing in our neighbors to the south such that it could dye the new compositions? Hard to say, at this point. Jeremy Gara recalled that the group is in a special position, notably because Arcade Fire has “two Canadians, a few Americans and two members with two and three nationalities.” Each musician has a special relationship with what is happening in our southern neighbors and what impact it can have in Canada, in Europe or elsewhere.

“It’s a crazy period,” comments the drummer. It gives us a bit of energy, but that’s not the only thing we’re focusing on. We have always been focused first on what we do, then there is the world around that influences what we do, so in this sense, we work in the same way that we have always worked, it is Only that the world around is more intense. But we are not a group that is suddenly doing things to protest the government or something like that … ”

On stage this summer

Arcade Fire must come back on stage in the summer, and several fans hope that it is with a new album under the arm. It must be said that the group has already broken its unwritten rule three years apart between his releases – Reflektor dates back to 2013. Jeremy Gara is not ready to give a date, but it seems clear that it is indeed Well in 2017 that the recording can be heard …

“We want it to come out this year. We’re working on it, it goes on. We have deadlines personal, but historically we missed them, so it’s too early to tell. We do not want to precipitate anything. We work as hard as we can … ”

Jeremy Gara will be performing in Quebec City on February 7 at the Mois Multi, with ambient music from his album Limn . Our full interview about the project, which involved the artist Nelly-Eve Rajotte, in our magazine Arts notebook February 4.


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