Arena ratings: Hockey Bellechasse satisfied

Hockey Bellechasse, which manages the activities of minor hockey in the Saint-Anselme, Sainte-Claire, Saint-Damien, Saint-Charles and Saint-Henri arenas, does not unduly worry. territory.

On the contrary, the new way of doing things simplifies management according to its president, Alain Boucher, who recalls that this idea was initiated by his organization. “Initially, young people did not have the same cost of registration because of their place of residence. For example, a Saint-Charles player on the same team as a Saint-Damien youth did not pay the same price. By standardizing the ice hour rates in all the arenas, we could do the same for the registration fees “.

Initially, there were five different minor hockey organizations on the territory remembers Mr. Boucher. “We had no choice at the time, because Hockey-Quebec had demanded this regrouping. At that time, a young person from Saint-Malachie had to pay an extra amount to move to Sainte-Claire because his municipality does not have an arena. This difference is no longer applicable for two years since an additional amount is no longer required, “he said.

The locality of Saint-Damien is the only one not to have been formally positioned to this day, having chosen to wait before applying the principle on its territory. Could this position influence the behavior of other municipalities? Alain Boucher does not rule out this possibility. “At present, Saint-Damien chooses to support the young people of his neighbors. This could cause other municipalities to revise their position, which would be a setback for our organization and the young people of our region. ”

Mr. Boucher, however, admits that his organization feared a decline in enrollment at some point, not knowing how the new pricing would be received and applied by the municipalities having an arena on their territory. The discussions having been directed towards the principle of supra-local equipment, this calmed the anxiety among several people concerned with the continuation of things. “We could have seen an increase in costs for some families, particularly those with more than one registered child. At first glance, this will not be the case. There are still 530 young players at Hockey Bellechasse this season. ”

Not just hockey

The new standardized pricing also affects other sports organizations such as figure skating and ringette as it applies to all ice sports. This may seem straightforward if, in some localities, the clubs hold all their activities in the same place. The CPA Abenakis must also deal with its own reality since it holds its sessions at both Saint-Anselme and Sainte-Claire. The cost of renting the hours of ice was not the same before the precise standardization of the club’s president, Linda Picher. “The tariffs have necessarily increased since before we did not have to defray the hours of ice in Saint-Anselme. That has changed this year and in St. Clair, we have to pay every hour of ice instead of an overall amount for the whole year. ”

Such a change necessarily led to an increase in the cost of registration. “We had no choice but we chose to go there gradually because figure skating is an already expensive sport. As we are already rebuilding, we did not want the impact to be too great for parents, “adds Picher, who points out that fundraising campaigns are also bridging the gap.


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