Are you flying? Stores the contents of your hand luggage!

We are at the Quebec City airport. In front of us, on a piece of furniture, a whole range of tackles: hunting knife, ice wine, shampoo, stone thrower, maple butter and peanut butter, penknives, screwdrivers, lots of DIY scissors for children … Has been intercepted at the pre-board checkpoint, in hand luggage, since Wednesday.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) invited the media. One of the busiest weeks of the year is fast approaching: school break and its more or less 20,000 travelers eager to fly, in Quebec alone. 20,000.

Despite the years of hand baggage restrictions, many have not been paying attention. Rule ? All that is the least liquid and the aerosols: maximum 100 ml; All the bottles placed in the same reclosable plastic bag of about 1 liter, explains spokesman Mathieu Larocque. So, toothpaste, mouthwash, sunscreen, food, gel, etc. It is 100 ml or you put it all in the suitcase that leaves towards the hold.

For knives, screwdrivers and other stone throwers, if you really need them, head towards the hold. But credit card knives, butterfly knives, ninja stars and the whole array of prohibited items in life, ben … It’s the police who will pick them up at the airport.

Legal objects are not seized, says Larocque. If a person accompanies you at the airport, you can give it to him. You can even carry them in your car.

If you abandon your property, it will be given to the Salvation Army if it is recoverable. Otherwise, garbage or recycling.

Think about it before leaving, adds Mathieu Larocque. The search, the search for prohibited objects, the decision to abandon it or not, is delaying security checks. And since you will be thousands to flee the capital for the release, especially on the first Sunday of the week off, there will be plugs of travelers.

By the way, for children under the age of two, there is an exemption. It is possible to bring liquids such as milk or food, but it must be told to the agent.

Same for liquid drugs. It’s allowed, but they have to be tested.

To find out what can be brought in the aircraft, either in the cabin or in the bag, you can visit this site:

Or download the CATSA mobile app which, in addition to guiding us in luggage preparation, tells us how to wait for real-time security control and offers a variety of tips for a more enjoyable trip.


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