Anne Guerette wants a running mate in her district

The head of Democracy Quebec and only announced rival of Regis Labeaume for municipal elections, Anne Guerette, would prefer to have a running mate in her district of Cap-aux-Diamants, where she could return in case of defeat at the mayor’s office. This cuts off the wings of his former rival to the chiefdom, Francois Marchand, who thinks of presenting himself as a municipal councilor.

Last week, the municipal lawyer admitted that he was considering the possibility of running for the district that is currently represented by Mrs. Guerette. A discussion between the two took place earlier this week.

The main stakeholder reported that the two sides had “a month or two to see how things were going” and to define the form of a possible “collaboration” in view of the inevitable electoral campaign.

Mr. Marchand admitted that his candidacy in Cap-aux-Diamants is not acquired because of the desire of Mme Guerette to join an ideal runner in this district.

The candidate runs for office in a neighborhood and commits to surrendering his seat if the chief escapes the position of mayor. David Lemelin used the same procedure in the 2013 election, but his runner was not elected in Cap-Rouge-Laurentien.

Not ideal

For Mr. Marchand, this is not the ideal scenario. “I can be self-sacrificing, but it seems difficult to me,” said the former leader of the opposition party. “I can understand Ms. Guerette. She comes to the town hall and it is not won in advance, I think that is the least we can say, “he continued.

The lawyer imagines that he is not a candidate as a municipal councilor in a neighborhood other than his own: he works in the Old Port and lives in Montcalm. “This is the corner that I know best and I want to defend the file on the Old Port market,” he said, adding that he nevertheless believes it is possible to be an excellent councilor for a district, We do not live.

As for the possibility of appearing for another party or as an independent, Mr. Marchand considered it dangerous. “In the municipal system we know, if we divide the vote, it’s a bit suicidal,” he said.

As for Ms Guerette, she says it is too early to develop scenarios. “Sure, I always thought I could have a runner-up in Cap-aux-Diamants. But it can happen so much in the coming weeks, the next few months before we announce it officially, “she told the Sun. She repeated several times that “all the possibilities are on the table” and concluded laughing that the journalists were in a hurry to know everything.


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