Anacolor: the choice of a meeting in Montreal criticized

The PQ and the CAQ do not understand why Mayor Regis Labeaume and Minister David Heurtel meet in Montreal to discuss the Anacolor issue.

At the municipal council meeting on Monday, the Mayor of Quebec said he would visit the metropolis on Friday to discuss with the Minister of the Environment the case of the Cap-Rouge plant.

Agnes Maltais, a PQ critic for National Capital, said it was not justified to hold the meeting elsewhere. “The minister spends at least three days a week in Quebec City,” said the member for Taschereau. The mayor is in Quebec City, the company is in Quebec City, the department is in Quebec City. There is no reason to meet in Montreal. ”

Calle de La Peltrie, Eric Caire, does not explain the choice of the place, whereas a National Capital Status Act of Quebec City was ratified only two months ago. “What I do not understand is that the mayor of Quebec is moving,” said Cairo. There was a law saying that important meetings should be held in Quebec City. The mayor said he would be extremely vigilant on that. I understand that for him, this encounter is not important. ”

The Mayor of Quebec’s press officer said that it was a simple “business of agendas” and pleaded the argument of speed. “We could have seen each other in Quebec City, but to do as quickly as possible, it was better,” Paul-Christian Nolin said. The mayor was already traveling to Montreal for something else. It’s not like it’s a habit. ”

The same is true of the Minister of the Environment. “It’s a matter of timetables,” Mr. Heurtel commented. We wanted to meet last week in Quebec City. I was caught in a parliamentary committee. It’s really a matter of timing. It makes the two holes in our diaries just that. There are no other reasons. ”

The National Capital Status Act provides that the territory of Quebec is the “privileged and priority place” for the reception of foreign dignitaries, diplomatic meetings, government summits, major political meetings and important negotiations of all kinds ” In which the Government is involved “.


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