Advertising material for SRB

Communications are organized around the Quebec-Levis bus service (SRB).

The City of Quebec is looking for a communication firm to produce material related to the project. Three tenders were opened on 16 February following an invitation to tender. The lowest is Graph Synergie, which is close to $ 66,000. This company has signed several visual simulations for major real estate and cultural projects in the Quebec City region, including the Videotron Center, the National Museum of Fine Arts and Le Phare.

“This is part of the communication needs to inform the population,” says Francois Moisan, spokesperson of the SRB project office. “We want to illustrate some elements of the project and we will need support.”

Mayor Regis Labeaume announced in December that his administration would inform citizens of the ins and outs of the megaproject and, above all, the benefits they could derive from it. Again this week, he reiterated that he expected to run soon, without giving further details.

Pressure from Minister Lessard

The Minister of Transport, Laurent Lessard, put pressure on him several times. The mayor of Levis, Gilles Lehouillier, said he is ready to communicate more.

“When and how, we are working on it,” confirmed Mr. Moisan. He does not advance a date either, but admits that things should happen in the spring.


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