Access to a family physician: Barrette “embellishes reality”

Health Minister Gaetan Barrette embellishes reality when he speaks of access to a family physician and has been chastising a citizen of Levis who has been registered for several months at the access desk.

Gerard Bolduc and his wife lost their family doctor last year. Unable to find another, the couple joined the Family Physician Access Window (GAMF). “We absolutely need a doctor. I have a record of myocardial infarction, and my wife, of breast cancer, “explains Levis in his sixties.

Since he and his wife were registered with the GAMF, they had “no news”. “After several months, nothing happens. Trying to call? Only vocal boxes that make us turn in circles, “Bolduc despairs.

The reality on the ground, he says, “is that when we lose our family doctor, it is virtually impossible to find another.”

The Parti Quebecois also believes that the figures unveiled on Wednesday by Minister Barrette are not as positive as this one likes to believe.

“As of September 21, 2016, there were 492,000 people registered at the ticket office, and yesterday [Wednesday] there were still 486,000 patients enrolled at the end of December,” “Said MP Diane Lamarre, the official opposition health critic, who compares the counter to” a form of parking where there may be people coming in and out but at a very, very slow pace In relation to the increase in enrollments “.

Ms. Lamarre recalled that if there are patients who have taken the trouble to register with the GAMF, it is because they have needs in terms of medical follow-up and should therefore be “chosen in priority” .

“How many doctors have registered at the ticket office? The minister did not have the information. […] This is what determines the success or the failure of the counter. The box office, if it’s just a post office box where we’re going to put our name, but eventually there are very few registered people who are taken because the doctors are going to look for more word-of-mouth patients or Of patients who present themselves randomly, we miss a priority, which is to first look after the people who need it most, “said the Member for Taillon.

Perverse Effect

Ms. Lamarre also sees a perverse effect on the minister’s target of attendance, which means that patients can consult their doctor’s office eight times out of 10 rather than going to the hospital or in an appointment- you. “It is more risky to take a heavier patient because he risks going to the hospital more often and lowering the attendance rate,” she says.

PQ criticism also denounces the Minister of Health’s “exclusively physician-centered” vision. She does not understand that he can oppose nursing clinics when there are so many people waiting for a family doctor in Quebec. “This is the practice in 2017, all over the world. If the minister comes out of Quebec, he will see that this is how we solve access problems. ”


Diane Lamarre also accused the minister of taking hasty measures that drive the network into chaos. The case of superclinics is a good example, she said. “The minister said: we stopped financing the network clinics on April 1st. And there, he says: the clinics network, they will not close, “illustrated Lamarre, who never believed in the program of superclinics as network clinics work well.


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