A work by Roch Carrier brought to the theater

A theatrical performance featuring one of the greatest works of the novelist Roch Carrier will be presented at the auditorium of the Ecole des Appalaches in Sainte-Justine on February 25th and 26th.

President of the Society of St. Justine heritage, Stephane Brule had “this crazy idea,” as he confessed candidly to wear to the theater stories of the man in the moon , published in 1979.

The play will bring together a dozen actors from Sainte-Justine and the surrounding parishes, including some children attending the Appalachian school in both primary and secondary school. It will feature an adaptation of 11 of the 20 news stories in the story of the 79-year-old novelist, Sainte-Justine, whose popular text on the hockey sweater has been translated In multitudes of languages ​​and distributed in dozens of countries.

The texts were adapted for the theater by Pauline Bisson-Pare of Saint-Prosper, assisted by M. Brule. Bisson-Pare is a native of Sainte-Justine and has long been involved with the Village des Defricheurs. She still gives workshops in theater schools in the region. The duo is also responsible for the staging of this piece, which will be decorated with video projections and unique lighting sets.

Stephane Brule emphasized the contribution of the many partners involved in this major project, including the Cultural Development Agreement of the MRC des Etchemins and the Ecole des Appalaches, which agreed to lend the auditorium and its Facilities for practices that take place every Tuesday at the end of the day. This collaboration led to the creation of an extracurricular project to which students were invited to participate at the beginning of this school year. A special performance, dedicated exclusively to the students of the Appalachian school, will be offered free of charge and as a first prize to the students on Friday, February 24th in the afternoon.

“I hope that out of one of the three performances, people will have developed a sense of pride towards the author and his work. It does not stop at Sainte-Justine, it is a pride for all the Etchemins, “says Mr. Brule who adds that the heads of the municipal library will present, during the two performances, a kiosk presenting the bibliography of Roch Carrier, who is expected to publish a new book by the summer of 2017.

Tickets for performances on Saturday night February 25th and Sunday February 26th, in the afternoon, are available for $ 10 at Coop Sainte-Justine, the Lac Etchemin Metro and the municipality of Sainte-Justine .


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