A universal theater experience

Sometimes there are songs, novels, films or theatrical works that, even if they relate to a specific time or event, end up crossing time and transcending cultures. They speak to all humans and echo universal feelings. The future will say if it is the case of Like a big hole in the belly, the piece created in 2015 by the Theater of the small lanterns following the tragedy of railway of Lac-Megantic of July 6, 2013.

Author and Artistic Director of Theatre des petits … (Specter Media, Marie-Lou Beland) – image 1.0
An author and artistic director of the Theatre des petits lanternes, Angele Seguin gives directions to Nathalie Arbor, coordinator of the writing workshops, Patrice Daigneault, lighting designer, and Marc Thibault, actor, during a rehearsal of the play Comme un grand trou dans The belly.-


This creation, it must be remembered, was the fruit of the Great Picking of the words of the Granit of the winter 2014, in which hundreds of citizens had expressed what they had lived during and after this nightmarish night. Two years later, his craftsmen decided to give him a new breath after taking a distance from the emotional charge that had followed the events. They will of course tell them again, but also say what has emerged from all this, from the loss of loved ones and landmarks to resilience and individual and collective reconstruction. The play will be performed by the same actors: Bruno Gagnon, Marie Lefebvre, Marc Thibault and Sylvie Tremblay.

“The show [presented in the autumn of 2015 in Lac-Megantic and Sherbrooke] had been very successful and people were asking us if we would take it back; We decided to do it, but to go further, “explains Angele Seguin, director of the Little Lanterns, who signed the text and made the staging.

“The retreat allowed us to detach ourselves from the emotion of the moment, not only to narrate something but to live it, to give more strength to the characters, without betraying the play,” she adds.

“It’s not just a repeat: we’ve reworked the play. The theater makes it possible to ask questions: what does it mean, precisely, resilience? “Asked Angele Seguin, whose artistic work has been recognized several times in Quebec and abroad.

Going further

“There was so much media coverage as a result of the events that people felt cut off from their emotions. With the show, they said: “Finally my word is heard!” It was said as they wanted to say, “she says about this unusual theatrical experience.

This new version of Comme une grand trou in the belly also allowed the actors to reappropriate the characters, to carry them further.

“There was such excitement at the time, such an emotional charge … But now we are farther, time has passed and we can go deeper,” says Bruno Gagnon.

For Marie Lefebvre, “it’s interesting to let things decant, the characters have gained some stuff, but that’s their words.”

“This brings us back to more theatrical work; It is the universality of the play, it is the work that takes the lead, “said Marc Thibault for his part.

As a large hole in the belly will be presented on January 19, 20 and 21 at the Theatre Leonard Saint-Laurent in Sherbrooke, as well as January 22 at the Mirella Theater and Lino Saputo at the Leonardo da Vinci Center in Montreal.

Note that the representation on Thursday, January 19 will be followed by a discussion on the theme of resilience, in the presence of Melissa Genereux, Director of Public Health of Estrie, and Stephane Lavallee, Director of the Reconstruction Bureau. Megantic lake.


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