A series that has balls

Breasts and buttocks, it passes, and our fictions often show. But penises? Much rarer. You may certainly to see in Le Cheval-Serpent , the series about the world of a nude dancers bar for women, which will be available during the 2017-2018 season on Extra ICI Tou.tv.

When we talk about nude scenes, the directors are more often used to undress their female stars. “Lower your panties!” Sounds like a macho phrase from a voyeur filmmaker. When dealing with the series The Horse-Snake , the Directive becomes inevitable, but is open this time to men.

After we moved to Unit 9 , which always gets so successful, Danielle Trottier felt like a series of “bubbly”, who will laugh, she promises, but also salivate. “Beautiful buttocks, it’s beautiful to look at tabarnouche!” Exclaims the author, who has already frequented the bars of dancers. With this series, which she has in mind for five years, her intention is not to shock. She promises that it will be done with taste. “Sexuality is part of life,” she recalls.

The series of eight episodes is currently at the end of filming in Saint-Hubert, on the South Shore of Montreal. In the Mels studios, a large bar with fuchsia walls was built from scratch. While the mythical bar 281 in Montreal has a rather small stage, the Horse-Snake has a catwalk , a gateway to the center of the room, allowing dancers to walk among clients. With a penis-shaped scene. Yes, yes, penis. After all, the clients go there only for one thing: to see naked men.

Wait to see what will be remembered during assembly, but director Sylvain Archambault ( Lies , Countries from above ) says his players could display erection beginning, as do the real dancers. Men who practice this trade rarely arrive on the scene with a soft penis, argues Danielle Trottier. Now, find me a Quebec series that showed a phallus, because I do not know. Let’s say this is the ultimate taboo.

The dancers are actors for most or real dancers. Slips among them the singer Claude Begin, who was already naked in his clip Before disappearing . The others are Julien (Alexandre Landry, the film Gabrielle ), Billy (Pier-Olivier Paquet), Angel (Randy Simons), Mustang (Sacha Charles, we have seen in 30 lives and Blue Moon ), and veteran, Pete (Francisco Randez). This one has obviously committed something serious since it was removed from the Snake Horse by its owner. All have the job physique and have been subjected to a severe routine, followed by a dietician, a sports coach and a dance teacher. The director promises 18 numbers striptease , choreographed by Uriel Arreguin, we saw the dance -Star Game .

Dorice McQuaid, interpreted by a Sophie Pregent with much shorter hair, directs with an iron hand this bar of dancers. If the owner of 281, Annie Delisle, worked as a consultant on the series, the author says she did not inspire the main character. Elise Guilbault plays her spouse, a feminist activist.

Danielle Trottier, who has always had homosexual couples in his soap operas, says nevertheless that the thing is still disturbing. Every time she shows two women kissing in Unit 9 , she receives fifty messages such as: “Why do we force it to look?” With the Horse-Snake is the first time she did Of a couple of lesbians his main characters, making the bet to “normalize” even more the thing. To them is added David (Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge), manager of the bar and father of their daughter. Horse-Snake is also a battle between what is moral and what is not. The new mayor of the city, Laurier St-Pierre (Daniel Parent), decided to make the life hard to the institution, wishing to offer a better image of the metropolis to tourists.

Sylvain Archambault seems to sail in there with an impressive ease. On Wednesday, journalists watched the shooting of a number of firefighters, where the dancers operated fire extinguishers between their legs, and removed everything in front of delirious spectators. Anecdote: the producer Fabienne Larouche spoke of a “premium to nudity” for the actors, when they show themselves integrally. Extras, you might say. Wednesday, in front of the journalists, they wore what are called behind the scenes “pockets of tea”, which conceal the essential. They are actors, less exhibitionists than their characters.


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