A new “unique” medical complex will be set up in Quebec City

A medical complex of $ 24 million will be opened a few steps away from the future mega-hospital in Quebec City next year. The instigator of the project, orthopedist Jean-Francois Roy, wants to open a super-clinic and a center of back diseases “unique in Quebec”.

The Synase complex, which will rise on boulevard Henri-Bourrassa, will host various specialties related to back health: orthopedics, radiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, kinesiology, chiropractic and even acupuncture.

“It’s a dream I had for a long time” to bring all these specialties under one roof, explains in an interview Dr. Roy, a surgeon of the column who has his offices on Lebourgneuf.

Patients will no longer have to wait hours in the emergency room to come out with a simple prescription of anti-inflammatories or to walk from one place to another to treat their different back problems, says the specialist.

“There, it’s a little free-for-all ‘, and patients can come across charlatans,” he says. Practiced and supervised, all specialties have their place, says Dr. Roy, whose purpose contrasts with the corporatist discourse of several of his colleagues.

In addition to the radiologists at the nearby Mailloux clinic, the 120,000-square-foot complex on five floors could bring together cardiologists and neurologists from the Enfant-Jesus hospital, the orthopedist said, adding that negotiations Are still ongoing.

“Other specialists could also rent office space from us when they practice in the mega hospital,” says Dr. Roy, highlighting the strategic location of the Synase complex within the future medical center of Quebec City.

About 20 doctors, mostly specialists, will manage the public-private project. Players like Lobe and Medicus Orthopedic Laboratory as well as a pharmacy will occupy spaces in the building.

Dr. Roy also plans to open one of these super-clinics dear to Health Minister Gaetan Barrette. “We are currently negotiating with a GMF to come to Synase. One of the prerequisites of the program is to offer a radiology service, which we will have on site, “said the orthopedist, who is hopeful to get his hands on a super-clinic license.

The bill was introduced to the minister as recently as last week. “He seemed to have a good ear. Limoilou is a disadvantaged area in terms of access to a doctor, “he recalls.

The opening of the medical complex is planned for summer 2018.


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