1900 candidates for a lawyer’s job, says Moreau

In the middle of the strike, in January, the opening of a position of lawyer of the State nevertheless aroused the interest of 1900 candidates, indicated the president of the Council of the treasure, Pierre Moreau.

During the debate on the adoption of his special law, Mr. Moreau argued that the remuneration of state lawyers and notaries is “commensurate with the importance of the duties they occupy”.

They are essential to the proper functioning of the State, he insists. And their working conditions are to the side: more than $ 100,000 on average, 35-hour week, possibility of overtime, pension funds, job security, Mr. Moreau said.

“I can not help but notice that these conditions have no equivalent in any other field where lawyers and notaries practice, especially in the private sector,” the minister noted.

The popular success of the call for applications launched in January and spread over 40 days demonstrates the power of attraction of the profession, he said. “We have received more than 1,900 applications,” Moreau said. No private firm could receive such a large number of applications in a comparable time. Never will the working conditions in the private sector be comparable to those of the lawyers of the State. ”

Conditions “match the importance that is given to their work,” he repeats. (…) We agree that they may want to improve them and we are willing to negotiate. ”

Over the past few days, Jean Denis, the president of the state’s lawyers and notaries, has mentioned cases of young lawyers who have turned their backs on their positions and others who are planning to retire.

Quebec ends the strike of the lawyers of the State triggered on October 24 with the special law that the deputies will adopt Tuesday. The 1100 jurists will have to return to work Wednesday, under penalty of a fine of 100 $ to 500 $ per day.

The President of the Conseil du trésor wished their return to be “in the most harmonious way”. “I am confident that they are professionals who will respect the provisions of the law,” said Moreau.

While the right to strike is protected by the Constitution, the Supreme Court has also established that “the right to bargain and strike is not infinite, and that there are Be made “.

The special law provides for an extension of the trading period. After a maximum of 105 days, failing agreement, the wage increases provided for in the law will be applied to the collective agreement of lawyers. These increases total 6.75% over 5 years, less than the 9.15% obtained by the common front. The minister always invites discussion of the status of lawyers versus prosecutors on a committee.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Stephanie Vallée, also relies on the “professionalism” of lawyers for the work to resume calmly. “I have always had the greatest respect for these women and men, and it will continue,” she said.


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